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Glock 23

Simple in design and function, the Glock 23 is built for those who prioritize accuracy, reliability, and performance, over looks. It is a lightweight handgun, which gives its users an effortless soft shooting experience. It is easy to maintain with cheap availability of replacement parts. No hassles, or nonsense; the Glock 23 is a perfectly built, user-friendly 40 caliber handgun.

The exterior is constructed with a polymer frame, which is a very strong material of plastic. Some people assume that it is prone to damages because of the word "plastic". However, the Glock 23 is made of a customized synthetic material that is stronger than steel! It has the capacity to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +158 degrees. The material is finished with a new technique of surface treatment called Tenifer. It makes the parts of this gun rock-hard, and resistant to corrosion, making it almost indestructible even in harsh conditions.

The Glock 23's lightweight is one of its best features, weighing only about 23.65 oz. when unloaded. However, loaded with all 13 rounds, it weighs approximately 31.06 oz. The length of the Glock 23 is only 6.85 inches from front to back. It measures about 5 inches from the bottom to the top, and has a width of approximately 1.18 inches.

The magazine capacity of the Glock 23 is 13 rounds, with an option of going lower with 10 rounds. It is possible to reach a maximum of 19 rounds with +2 base plates. You do not have to worry about a jam or failure to feed, because it guarantees excellent reliability with its highly resistant construction.

Intelligently designed to complement your shooting abilities, Glock 23's fabrication gives you a firm and comfortable grip. Taking into account ergonomics, it consists of an excellent bore axis and carefully distributed weight to make sure the shots are under control. The unique characteristics of the polymer frame used for the exterior gives you much softer recoil as compared to other handguns of similar sizes.

Glock 23 encloses a hammer forged rifling feature in its barrel, which further improves its velocity and provides greater accuracy. Hitting the targets is effortless with the outstanding point-ability and trigger pull.

Glock 23 is packed with safety features such as its Safe Action trigger system. This is a great benefit over the other conventional trigger systems in.

It also consists of two more safety features including the fire pin safety and drop safety. These features make Glock 23 apt for training purposes.

The Glock 23 has been a revelation in the community of self-defense and law enforcement agencies. Due to its reduced size and easy concealment, the FBI has also recently adopted it.

Model: G23
Action: DAO
Caliber: 40
Overall Length: 7.36"
Overall Height: 4.99"
Overall Width: 1.18"
Barrel Length: 4.01"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 13 + 1
Weight: 23.65 oz.