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Kahr CW40

The Kahr CW40 is an excellent choice for concealed carry with its compact size and lightweight. It fits perfectly well in the palm of an average sized hand, however it might be a bit uncomfortable if you have large hands, but this should be no cause for complaint because it is built to be a concealed carry handgun.

The dimensions of Kahr CW40 include a length of 6.36 inches, height approximating to 4.62 inches, and just about 0.94 inches in slide width. It only weighs about 16.8 ounces with an additional 1.9 ounce of a magazine. The exterior is fabricated using a black polymer, and the slide is made with matte stainless steel providing a good contrast.

The grip is rather aggressive with the use of the textured polymer, offering a good fit. The standard magazine comes with a lip that holds your hand in place, otherwise, there is also a choice of picking up an extended magazine if you require more handle to hold onto.

Kahr CW40 keeps the reputation of its brand by making it a more affordable piece. This is done by focusing more on the standard performance features rather than add-ons. Kahr CW40 consists of a groove-rifled barrel instead of a polygonal rifle barrel in previous products. The slide does not require high-tech machining operations. It comprises of simple engraved markings on the sides. A more cost-effective replacement includes a metal-injection-molded slide stop from the earlier machined slide stop lever.

The muzzle of Kahr CW40 makes holstering the gun convenient. Enhancements that make it a better concealed carry include the angled and rounded surface of the exterior. The roughness on the rear of the slide because of the serrations of the surface, provide a very firm grip. The sights are convenient to see with the fixed front and rear sights. The rear sight can also be drifted to one side, or the other, for windage adjustments. The Kahr CW40 is best in generating tremendous chamber pressure with its locked breech handgun-firing cartridge. However, it still holds a capacity of 6+1 rounds.

Although, looking at the size of the Kahr CW40, one might assume that the recoil is going to be pretty severe, it surprises the user with its efficient shooting and minimal recoil. This owes to its rugged slide-to-frame fabrication and a reinforced recoil assembly. The recoil spring is stiff, and presents good strength, wrapping around the guide rod, made of stainless steel as opposed to the use of plastic rods in some guns.

Kahr CW40 incorporates the firing pin safety feature without any additional magazine or external aids for safety. The magazine release button is conveniently placed at the intersection where the trigger guard meets the frame on the right side. The magazines are well-constructed using stainless steel tube, which is accompanied by a polymer base and follower.

If you are looking for an economical handgun, intelligently designed for concealed carry without compromising on its performance, Kahr CW40 is your best bet!

Model: CW40
Action: DAO
Caliber: 40
Overall Length: 6.36"
Overall Height: 4.26"
Overall Width: 0.94"
Barrel Length: 3.60"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 6 + 1
Weight: 16.80 oz.