Springfield XDM 40 Review

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Springfield XDM 40

Springfield Armory offers yet another addition to its prized and popular line of semi-automatic pistols, the Springfield XDM 40 4.5". Known for their precision engineering and match-grade machining, interchangeable back-straps, and trigger systems.

At first impression, the Springfield XDM 40 offers a re-engineered ergonomic design. The frame is made of polymer reinforced with steel inserts while the slide has a corrosion resistant Melonite finish. The grip has a rugged "all terrain" pattern perfect for any condition. The depth and angle of the contours have been individually calculated and maximize control in all directions (vertical, horizontal, and torsion-al). Furthermore the previous "Major Grasp Slide" serrations have been modified for penetrative grasp. Interchangeable back-straps have been added for customizable grips. Furthermore, a "Mag X-Tension" allows personalized grip lengths and added capacity as well. An ambidextrous mag-release extends the suitability of the XDM for both hands.

The Springfield XDM 40 offers a new trigger system that significantly reduces trigger reset. Spring Field boasts the shortest travel of any currently available polymer pistol with the XDM 4.5". Add to this Spring Field's trademark and unrivaled precision engineering used for match-grade barrel machining. Also add, the XDM's "Maximum Reach" mag-release significantly reducing reload time. Further add the 13-19 rounds flush fitting "Mega Capacity" magazines. Finally couple all of this with the 3 dot low profile sight system and you'll be on target with swift ease and for faster, lasting and more accurate follow-up shots than ever before.

The XDM 40 includes a loaded chamber indicator as well as a striker status indicator. The first lets the shooter verify if the pistol harbors a round in the chamber. The second lets the user know if the striker is in a cocked position. Both have been designed to provide the shooter with visual as well as physical (touch) indication. This means that the shooter is not restricted to proper lighting to know the status of the pistol.

The safety mechanism has been integrated into the design of the grip itself. This automatically disengages the trigger safety when the pistol is fully gripped. The shooter is not required to manually or separately disengage handgun safety. As soon as the pistol is "armed" it is ready to engage in battery. Furthermore, the Ultra Safety Assurance USA Trigger System is a sound guard against accidental discharge. The mechanism locks the XDM's trigger in place until direct rearward pressure is applied. Even if the handgun were to drop from a height or receives a jolt due to some bump, the striker will cannot hit the primer. Combined, these two features make the Spring Field XDM a reliable guardian in times of need. A guardian that presents itself swiftly when needed and remains "self-locked" otherwise.

If a shooter is in need of furthering the use of the XDM 40, a Picatinny rail (propriety Multi-Adjust Rail System) is literally at the XDM's forefront. Designed for rapid deployment of tactical devices, it readily accepts lights, lasers or other accessories. More importantly, it is a triple-position rail and hence allows the shooter to adjust the tactical equipment according to their hand position.

Model: XDM 40 4.5"
Action: DAO
Caliber: 40
Overall Length: 7.60"
Overall Height: 5.75"
Overall Width: 1.18"
Barrel Length: 4.50"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 16 + 1
Weight: 30.00 oz.